Who and What is DRP?

The NEFLDRP (Northeast Florida Dental Resource Group) is a group of independent professional advisors that have formed in order to educate and be a helpful lift to dentists and those in the dental industry.

Our purpose is to serve. NEFLDRP is composed of professionals in the Northeast Florida area. All of the members have certain expertise to offer anyone in the dental industry. Our members seek to stay up with the latest trends and best practices within the dental industry. Our members are from many walks of life and professions, all with the common desire to help those in the dental industry.

Our members strive to add value to others by providing opportunities for dentists to engage with multiple advisors from a number of different disciplines, including but not limited to, dental site construction, technical IT, marketing, accounting, human resources, and much more.

NEFLDRP will host events throughout the year in order to help dental professionals network with other dental professionals, all with the purpose of support and help.